Chapter 724 (Teaser)

Who came to mind when thinking about assassins? From a 3 year old child to an 80 year old person, most people would think about the shadow protecting the Overgeared Kingdom. The killing god, Faker. Despite having a normal class, he showed the strongest PK skills and his stage was increasing every day. It was natural to think of him first among assassins.

However, the story changed when it became ‘assassin who plays in the National Competition.’ Since Faker had never made public appearances other than the Overgeared Kingdom’s founding ceremony, people naturally thought of Tarma.

Assassin Tarma from the dark gamer group, Blood Carnival.

At the time of the 2nd National Competition, he entered for money and showed off his skills. At least, until he met Grid.

‘I will avenge my loss in the National Competition.’

Since Blood Carnival was destroyed by Grid, Tarma had hid in a sandy kingdom of the East Continent. Over the past few months, he performed all types of quests, learned...

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