Chapter 723 (Teaser)

[The enhancement has failed.]

[The enhancement has failed...]

[The enhancement...]

Fail, fail, fail in a row! Grid kept failing in his weapon enhancement. Every blessed enhancement stone was worth 1,200 gold. The Overgeared members started sweating.

"...Doesn’t he have a passive that increases the probability of enhancement?”

"That's right. Therefore, every time I need to strengthen an item, I asked Grid to strengthen it instead.”

Ibellin replied to Vantner. It wasn’t just him. Most of the Overgeared members ran to Grid when they needed to enhance something.

“But looking back...”

"...I feel like the probability when Grid enhances it is similar to when I enhance it...”


It was a fact that was hard to deny. He had the ‘increased probability of enhancement’ passive and was the first to succeed in the ultimate enhancement, but looking at his total experience, his enhancement ability wasn’t very good. His probability of success wasn’t much different from a regular player.

The reason? Grid believed that the probability of the ‘increased enhanced probability’ itself...

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