Chapter 721 (Teaser)

‘The direct descendants are outstanding.’

Grid was reminded of one person throughout his fight with Earl Cray. It was Elfin Stone, the former owner of Iyarugt. Earl Cray was strong enough to remind him of Elfin Stone. Tiramet and Latina were no comparison. Grid had a question once he remembered Elfin Stone.

‘What if Elfin Stone appeared in the present time?’

Ruby’s one-shot Purification skill couldn’t resolve Blood Field and most of the Overgeared members would be neutralized. Grid wouldn’t have benefited from the instantaneous skills and would’ve lost his immortality.

‘He might’ve even summoned Iyarugt...’

Grid had suffered several crises during the Elfin Stone raid and eventually died. From Grid’s perspective, the Elfin Stone raid was one of the most difficult raids. But now he thought it was fortunate that he met Elfin Stone at an early stage.

Grid broke through the widespread Tornado. The blood tornadoes were a magic that dominated the field itself by overlaying with each other. The field magic that disarmed all ‘avoid non-targeted skills’ was useless in front of the present Grid. Grid’s evasion rate in the Ecstasy of Desire state reached 99%. Grid’s consciousness...

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