Chapter 720 (Teaser)

Grid was able to have an even match with Earl Cray not because he was as strong as Earl Cray. It was only possible due to the support of the Overgeared members.

"Peacock Shield!”

Flash flash!

Vantner put away his axe and launched an aura in the shape of a peacock from his very large shield. The purpose was to attract Earl Cray’s attention.

“Holy Roar!” 

Toban’s cry that caused distress to evil beings slowed down Earl Cray’s reactions by paralyzing his ears. 

“Your mother...!”

Huroi kept up a barrage of insults against Beriache, who was long dead. There was an unbroken connection between provocation and debuffs. The three of them used various skills without a break in order to help Grid. Earl Cray’s resistance was so high that he resisted most of the provocations and debuffs. Despite being provoked and debuffed, he recovered within seconds, but even that short gap was an opportunity for Grid.

"Flower Lance!"

Pon saw that Earl Cray paused in attacking Grid due to Huroi’s attack and threw a spear. It was...

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