Chapter 719 (Teaser)


Puk puk puk!

The union of Link and Kill led to a new state. It was the appearance of Linked Kill which was the precursor to Linked Kill Wave Pinnacle. Earl Cray was struck four times in a row! Black blood poured out from him. He was overwhelmed by the terrible pain.

‘How can a human exert such power?’

Earl Cray’s eyes shook. Grid opened the Rune of Darkness, used Blacksmith's Rage, and his fighting energy had reached 80 points. His attack power when he wielded the ultimate weapon made with Item Combination was so high that the direct vampires were dismayed. The more desperate thing for them was that Grid still had a lot of power remaining.

[Fighting energy has reached 83 points.]

[You have hit the target with Linked Kill more than four times! The damage of Linked Kill is increased by 200% and Wave is summoned!]

Puk! Puk puk!

‘Kuk...! He is getting stronger?’

Earl Cray was hit by the Linked Kill of Linked Kill Wave Pinnacle seven times. Earl Cray coughed up blood again after he was hit another three times by Linked Kill.



Then a turbulent energy started to rise...

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