Chapter 717 (Teaser)


The remnants of light flashing off Vantner’s bald head was still dazzling. Due to this, he felt eyes focused on him from four directions.

“Hahaha... The helmet designs these days...”


There was an awkward silence. Pon, who would’ve normally laughed at Vantner, could only gulp. The appearance of the four direct descendants was still shocking.

“...Seven is a lucky number?”


Peak Sword couldn’t react to someone’s comment. Four direct descendants in one city. The four earl-class vampires appeared at the same time? It was the worst case scenario that no one expected. How could Peak Sword imagine it?

“How did this happen...?”

Lauel’s eyes were shaken. According to the results of his research, the direct vampires were strongly affected by the Curse of Sloth. They didn’t leave their cities and slept in the coffins for tens or hundreds of years. It was against the setting for them to leave their cities and gather in a certain area.

‘The four of them are all city owners?’

Lauel started to get a head...

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