Chapter 715 (Teaser)

There were a total of 15 vampire cities. The Overgeared Guild had already conquered cities 10~15.

“The bosses who protect each city are true blood vampires or direct vampires. Everyone here has faced the true blood vampires a number of times, right?”

The entrance to the 9th city. Lauel’s briefing started before they entered.

“The direct descendants are super named bosses. Once killed, they won’t respawn again. Instead, a true blood vampire will appear as a boss.”

Chris nodded.

“Since taking over as lord of Reidan, I have hunted the true blood vampires 53 times. They are all named bosses and are strong.”

"53 times...? You have attacked the cities 53 times in just three months?”

Pon was amazed when he heard Chris’ words. He knew how high the difficulty of the vampire cities was. Unless Grid was with them, it took at least three days to capture a city once. Of course, this was a story for when the top members set up a party.

Chris modestly responded to Pon.

"It’s thanks to the...

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