Chapter 714 (Teaser)

‘Where did it go wrong?’

Recently, Kasim’s worries had been deepening. It was because Prince Lord was quite wicked at age 5. His actions were gradually becoming perverse. Was it a cause for concern? Yes, it was. If Lord was a normal child, his spiteful nature wouldn’t be a problem. What 4~8 year old didn’t act out? Lord was the same as children of the same age.

The problem was that Lord wasn’t normal. His innate intelligence was extraordinary enough to understand when taught and his talent was outstanding enough to adapt quickly to any field. Looking at him, Kasim was convinced that Lord would become a legend in the future. Was that all? He even had power. It was a serious problem for such a smart and influential person to have a spiteful nature.

Look at what happened just before. He had Yang Fei in his hand and Yang Fei wasn’t able to resist simply because Lord was a prince.

‘It is still at the level of a joke.’

But what if Lord became eviler?


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