Chapter 711 (Teaser)

"Chase the enemy! Don’t let a single one of them leave alive! Show no mercy! Carve fear into the empire!”

After Braham and Mumud turned up in Liberon Forest. The Red Knights and imperial army started their retreat without looking back. A last hurrah to destroy Valhalla and the Undefeated King’s SuccessorIt couldn’t be done. After the defeat of the Third Knight, there was nobody left to deal with the successor of the Undefeated King, the monster who even chased away one of the five pillars.



The imperial army wanted to escape from his hellish place as soon as possible. Unfortunately, their retreat rate was very slow. The rugged terrain and climate of Liberon Forest captured their ankles. On the other hand, the Valhalla soldiers had been trained in Liberon Forest. Their morale rose and they quickly caught up with the imperial army.


Puk puk puk!


A terrible sight! The Valhalla soldiers were like devils. They didn’t spare the imperial soldiers begging him to live. They didn’t accept the surrender. It was a warning to the empire...

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