Chapter 709 (Teaser)

‘Why is he here?’

In fact, such a question was pointless. Agnus was also a player and it was unknown what quests he had. It wasn’t strange for him to appear anytime, anywhere, or in any form. Grid always had to keep the possibility of encountering him in mind. At this moment, Grid should be having other doubts.

‘Why did he help me?’

Grid was caught by the unknown strong person called Kyle and this was a crisis for everyone. The Ares troops tried to help him, but it was hard since the imperial troops intervened while giving up their lives. At this time, Agnus helped Grid. It could only be interpreted as an obvious favor. Grid found it hard to understand. Even if there were no personal feelings, wouldn’t the quest development make Agnus his enemy?

‘From Agnus’ perspective, he should welcome my death.’


‘Why did he help me?’

The moment Grid was feeling confused.

[The level of the corpse that you raised is too high.]

[Control can no longer be maintain...

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