Chapter 708 (Teaser)

It wasn’t a dragon or a great demon that the empire was most afraid of. It was the king of Lubana, Madra. The empire waged 97 wars against him, but never won once.

The soldiers who accumulated experience in the process of winning over the continent, the strategists who turned the world upside down with mysterious tactics, and the knights that caused the empire to dominate with strong force. All of it was nothing in front of Madra. They were just novices.

In front of Madra’s valor, the empire’s soldiers became cowards. In front of Madra’s tactics, the empire’s strategists were nothing, and the empire’s knights couldn’t endure Madra’s strength. The empire’s people didn’t know this because a lot of information was concealed, but it was clearly described in the imperial history record books.

『 If Madra had lived for three more years, other nations would’ve sought to become Lubana’s servants. If Madra lived for five more years, the empire would’ve lost half its territory. If Madra lived for 10 more years... The empire wouldn’t exist. 』

The Undefeated King! The name had been imprinted with fear into the imperial royal family for hundreds of years. This was why the empire unusually oppressed the Lubana tributary. The empire was afraid of the kingdom that produced the Undefeated King. They were...

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