Chapter 707 (Teaser)

[Unbreakable Justice Lv.1 (93.1%)]

Deals 300% of your attack power.

Skill Mana Cost: 350

Skill Cooldown Time: 100 seconds

It was a skill Grid acquired due to the Apostle of Justice title. Pagma's Sword Dance, Braham’s magic, Madra’s swordsmanship, etc. Unbreakable Justice was obviously a shabby skill compared with the legendary skills, but it was also classified as a top skill.

The damage coefficient was remarkable. A level 1 wide area skill usually had less than 100% attack power while Unbreakable Justice boasted 300% attack power. Unbreakable Justice was also a skill that activated immediately. It was easy to use because it wasn’t a skill that required certain motions like Pagma's Sword Dance. In fact, the Apostle of Justice’s Partner Huroi had long since mastered the skill after obtaining it.

Why? Why did Grid neglect Unbreakable Justice? It was naturally because of Pagma's Sword Dance. The aforementioned benefits of justice cannot defeat Pagma's Sword Dance and ended up second when compared to justice. The advantages of the above mentioned Unbreakable Justice were minor compared to Pagma's Sword Dance.

Of course, this didn’t mean that Grid didn’t use the skill...

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