Chapter 706 (Teaser)

'He isn’t shrinking back?’

Lorex was startled. It was because he confirmed the smile that spread on the face of the enemy.

‘Is he insane?’

Who was this person?

The Third Knight. As one of the powerhouses in the empire and the whole continent, everyone feared Lorex. However, the man in front of him was smiling. Lorex couldn’t think he was anything but crazy.

"I’ve seen many people who are terrified and sick when they see me...”

Surprise turned into anger. The blood vessels on Lorex’s forehead bulged.

"This is the first time I’ve seen someone smiling!”


Lorex didn’t feel the need to speak for long. It was shameful that the man in front of him killed all his soldiers. He would erase this person from the world.

"You broke through 50,000 troops? I can also do that easily! I will let you know how wide the world outside the well is!”


Lorex roared and the glow around his axe caused the atmosphere to shake. It was a shockwave generated by a mighty force. The stones became ashes in front of it. Ares saw it and shouted urgently.

"Don’t take it head on!...

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