Chapter 704 (Teaser)

[The Saharan Empire has declared war on the Valhalla Kingdom!]

[The relationship between the Valhalla Kingdom and the Saharan Empire has become ‘hostile’!]

[There are various restrictions on exchanges and activities of the people of the two countries!]

These notification windows appeared to all the players belonging to Valhalla. But few people were confused or frightened. From the time when the Ares Army rescued the successor of the Undefeated King, or when they refused to give a tribute to the empire, the people of Valhalla were ready for this event.

"I don’t wish for war!”

Chatter chatter!

Ares’ powerful voice resonated in the capital’s square. The outward appearance of Ares planted awe and trust in the hearts of the people.

"In the future, we will enter into an infinite war with the empire! This war won’t end until one of us is destroyed!”

Ares was the god of war. The battlefield proved the reason for his existence. He planned to develop himself and his army, then Valhalla, through wars. The Undefeated King’s Successor candidate, Oasis, had a question.

‘What is behind this confidence?’

After joining Valhalla, Oasis was surprised when he grasped Valhalla’s power. After absorbing the Belto Kingdom, the population of Valhalla was now around 700,000. There were only 50,000 troops. The...

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