Chapter 703 (Teaser)

[King’s Quest]

It was a large-scale quest created after Grid became king. As the name suggested, Grid had already completed the first king’s quest, the King’s Role (1). The reward he got at that time was the method to make the King’s Sword.

‘The reward isn’t worth the limited quest.’

Grid hadn’t yet been able to proceed with the quest King’s Role (2). The quest’s level limit was 350. However, he reached level 357 after returning from the Behen Archipelago. It was now possible to proceed with the King’s Role (2).

[The King’s Role (2)]

You have experienced the lives of the people and learned their suffering.

Please resolve the troubles of the people.

Quest Clear Conditions: Give the necessary help to 5,000 people.

Quest Clear Rewards: Political Power stat will open. The next linked King’s Quest.

* It counts if other members of the royal family help the people. 


It wasn’t 100 or 1,000, but helping 5,000 people? How long would it take? Fortunately, Grid had experienced the lives of the people as he proceeded through the King’s Role (1) quest. Grid remembered how the people of each class had suffered and knew how to help them. But it was too...

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