Chapter 702 (Teaser)

Do good work at least 50 times a month. This was the minimum condition for maintaining the Saintess class.  If a Saintess didn’t do any good works, she would be deprived of her qualification and she couldn’t be a Saintess again. In other words, Ruby had been doing good deeds every day for the several years that she had been a Saintess.

Angel with lost wings, Rebecca’s incarnation, etc. The large number of people that Ruby helped praised her with various names. Minstrels sang songs about her.

Grid might be the most famous player, but Ruby was the most beloved player. The words about the siblings delivered to the people were manipulated by Orator Huroi’s cry. There were Overgeared members spreading it everywhere.

“Saintess, Saintess Ruby! Please try this. The bread is well-baked today.”

"Saintess, will you accept this bracelet? I found it at the market in Winston and I bought it because I thought it would look good on you. Please accept it.” 

"This is a coat made with the leather of wild boar. The weather is getting colder recently, so it would be nice to wear this. Don’t get a cold. I’ll be sad.”


“Saintess Ruby!”

[You have received 10 quality rye bread from Reinhardt’s baker, Jackson.]

[You have received a low...

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