Chapter 700 (Teaser)

Grid’s gameplay approach was unique. His way of approaching the game was different to the average person and frankly speaking, it wasn’t very good. What if a typical player had received the title of Hero King?

First of all, they would study the resource called fighting energy.  How did fighting energy rise, what was the effect of the rising fighting energy, the penalty if fighting energy fell below 10, etc. They would try to adapt to the newly acquired resource quickly in order to fully utilize it.

But Grid was different. The effect of fighting energy was listed in the detailed information so Grid accepted it and didn’t feel the need to analyze it. So what about the penalty that occurred when fighting energy fell below 10? In any case, fighting energy was always kept at 10, so he wasn’t worried about it. He thought he would discover it gradually.

In the end, Grid focused on Madra after cleansing the Behen Archipelago. Due to Madra’s strength and Grid’s gratitude, it was natural to think of Madra above anything else. He didn’t care about the fighting energy resource until he read the diary and got Madra’s swordsmanship.

This showed how emotional...

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