Chapter 699 (Teaser)

[You have left the event map! The war is considered to be lost!]

[The Undefeated King’s class change quest has failed!]

[All stats are restored to their normal values. The stamina maintenance passive is destroyed.]

[The appreciation of the Undefeated King’s old sheath has greatly reduced.] 

-A loser. You only maintained your life. You didn’t exceed my expectations. How disappointing.


Destroy the Red Knights within 22 days before the First Knight arrives on the battlefield. This was the content of the Undefeated King’s class change quest that Oasis received. But he failed. The battlefield was set to ‘no players except the quest host can enter’ until First Knight Mercedes appeared. Oasis alone experienced despair and frustration.

‘I can’t do it.’

Oasis was a balance type warrior who invested equally in stamina, strength, and agility. Due to the quest benefits, his stats increased by 10 times. Oasis thought there was a chance when his strength, stamina, and agility all exceeded 1,000. As he looked at the enemy forces turned grey...

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