Chapter 698 (Teaser)


The lid of the diamond class Comet Group capsule quietly opened. The person who raised his body from inside was none other than Shin Youngwoo.

‘I now understand Piaro’s words from his days as a great swordsman.’

In the past, Piaro expressed that he had abandoned aura for sword energy. It seemed like an abstract concept in martial arts, so Grid hadn’t understood it at the time, but now it was clear.

‘At that time, Piaro acquired a new resource called sword energy. But due to his position as a NPC, it’s different to articulate the concept of a special resource.’

He didn’t know for certain why he had to leave aura. However, now it was possible to deduce to a certain degree.

‘There are skills that use sword energy as a resource and the power of these skills is much better than aura.’

Every person had different skills. In Piaro’s case, his aura related skills might be relatively weak. It didn’t make sense to have them grab his ankle when he was trying to be a sword saint.

“Huuk. Huuk.”

Youngwoo was moving continuously even while thinking. He stretched the body that had been trapped in the capsule, did one hundred push-ups and then one hundred pull-ups. A healthy mind would dwell in a healthy body. The reason Youngwoo logged out every six hours was to eat and to maintain...

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