Chapter 697 (Teaser)

Grid got a textbook containing the swordsmanship of the Undefeated King! He was impressed by the fact that 100,000 Army Swordsmanship was classified as a legendary skill.

'It’s legendary despite being a degraded version...’

100,000 Army Swordsmanship was also just the ‘basic swordsmanship’ of Undefeated King Madra. Braham said that Madra’s true value was exerted from at least 500,000 Army Swordsmanship.

‘The more I know about the past legends, the greater they become.’

Grid recalled when he first assimilated with Braham. Braham used Mana Drain the Sky and forcibly absorbed all the mana from nature. From that time, Grid realized that the current legends weren’t comparable to the previous generation. Even Piaro, one of the strongest people of the present time, wouldn’t be able to withstand a fireball from Braham in his prime.

"...That’s why it’s interesting.”

Satisfy was still in the early stages of its story and it meant there was room for further growth. Grid’s motivation shot up.

‘Let’s catch up with the former legends.’

No, he would surpass them. Kraugel’s goal was the sa...

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