Chapter 696 (Teaser)

"Anyone who knows the joy of reading has a way to face the disaster.”

Just as there was a phrase like this, reading in Satisfy was also classified as a valuable hobby. Players were able to accumulate new knowledge through reading and enjoy the synergistic effect of various stats based on this. Occasionally, they could get quests and skills by following the clues in books. Even if they couldn’t get anything, they were able to be absorbed in the joy of the moment. Therefore, reading was an absolute benefit.

In particular, Satisfy boasted a vast worldview and the amount of books it possessed was tremendous. Even the protagonist of the rumor that ‘there is a madman who only reads books whenever he connects to Satisfy’ had only read a fraction of Satisfy’s books.

Of course, this story was far from Grid. From the standpoint of Grid whose comprehension was less than ordinary people, reading was a hobby not for him and he naturally kept away from books. But now.

[Death Knight Madra’s Diary]


A royal study room located in the Overgeared Palace. Grid sat where Irene and Lord normally did and faced a book.

‘How long has it been since...

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