Chapter 695 (Teaser)

『 As Grid and the Behen Archipelago is becoming a hot topic, the S.A. Group has announced the new rules for the 3rd National Competition. 』

『 It was a shocking announcement. Thanks to this, interest in Grid has been dispersed. 』

『 This is a conspiracy, a conspiracy! The new rules released are too disadvantageous to South Korea! This is a blatant shot at South Korea! The S.A. Group deserves criticism at a national level!! 』

The Haenam branch of Eat Spicy Jokbal.

Peak Sword frowned as he chewed on jokbal. He was angry due to the news report.

"Those traitorous S.A... The national competition is in three months and they want to add such rules?”

The Olympics, which had long been a festival of the world, were completely different from when it was first held hundreds of years ago. From the current point of view, the first one had bizarre events and rules. But over the years, know-how was accumulated and the Olympics applied fair rules that were close to perfection. Yes, it meant that the Satisfy National Competition would one day have a complete system like the Olympics. However, the current system was still incomplete.

The basic rules were changed every year, causing confusion among participants and viewers.

The 1st National Competition had been limited to 17 participating countries...

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