Chapter 694 (Teaser)

“Hero King...!”

It was a great title from the name alone! Looking at the description, it was likely to be a unique title, just like the First King.

‘It was worth going through all this trouble to cleanse the Behen Archipelago!’

Getting rewards for suffering seemed natural, but it wasn’t always true. It was easy to realize when looking at all the office workers. They worked hard for the company, while the company didn’t give them reasonable compensation. Unfortunately, most of the people living in the world were slaves of this irrationality.

Then what about Satisfy’s players? Those who worked hard to level up would get rewards from clearing quests and steadily progress. Among them, the forerunner who developed in a positive direction was Grid.


Grid was covered with the haze of the fighting energy. He was filled with joy as he grasped the details of the Hero King title.

‘On the surface, it’s much less effective than the First King title.’

It added additional damage to unique rated or higher classes, as well as great demons, archangels, dragons, demigods, etc. The listed beings seemed special, but it was...

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