Chapter 693 (Teaser)


If Death Knight Madra succeeded in using 300,000 Army Swordsmanship, Grid would’ve been defeated. However, a death knight’s body was weak and Madra failed to use it. In addition, Grid had been lucky that the God's Command passive triggered. It was a dicey battle. Sticks was soaked with sweat as he watched the confrontation through the crystal ball.

“Grid...! I knew you would do it!”

A hero was someone who fell from the heavens. Sage Sticks had some knowledge of astronomy and saw that Grid was protected by Rebecca, goddess of light.  He believed that Grid would exceed his capabilities and Grid actually succeeded. Was it simply luck? No. Grid pioneered the way himself.

He rescued the Rebecca Church by defeating the evil pope, earned the favor of Rebecca’s Daughters, and set up the correct Pope, causing Rebecca to feel attached to him. Grid moved the hearts of a goddess and thus, was selected by the heavens.

“Truly a great man...”

It was extremely rare that High Elf Sticks would praise a human. He smiled and raised his hot...

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