Chapter 692 (Teaser)

[A new hero has given peace to the specters of past heroes and has opened the final gate of the Behen Archipelago.]

A world message. It referred to an alert that appeared to all players of Satisfy, regardless of species, affiliation, and level. Why were the contents revealed to all players? It was naturally because the importance was high. The fact that a particular situation emerged as a world message meant that the situation would have a profound influence on the flow of Satisfy.

Until now, the world messages had been seen when the golems invaded the Eternal Kingdom, when Pagma's Successor appeared, when Sword Saint Kraugel appeared and when Great Demon Belial appeared. Thus, the world paid attention to the protagonist of this world message. Discussions were held all over the world on TV channels.

『 First, we should pay attention to the title of hero. A person strong enough for the system to classify as a hero will certainly be a top ranker. They are also likely to have a hidden class. 』

『 I’m sure that it’s a legendary class. That is why they are interpreted as a hero. 』

『 It might be the case... Every island on the Behen Archipelago has its unique trial. Based on a variety...

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