Chapter 691 (Teaser)



There was a loud sound every time Grid hit Madra. Every attack summoned either red flames, a red lightning bolt, or black flames, causing intense sound effects. It wasn’t possible to compare it to the sound of a general weapon. Needless to say, it was intense power!



He was called the Undefeated King because he had never been defeated and was eventually a legend. To him, who was an absolute being when alive and death, the helplessness that Grid was making him feel was new. At first he panicked when the golden hands wielding the hammer caused him to stiffen with every hit, then he laughed.

“Kuk...! Kukukuk! I see! This is how ordinary people fight!”

Legendary characters resisted all conditions except for ‘states that occurred due to physical force’ and ‘states that ignore resistance.’ Yes, strictly speaking, it wasn’t perfect. But Madra was different. In order to not be defeated, the precondition of blocking any variables was necessary. Thus, he had the unique ability of ‘perfect’ status resistance among all the legends. In terms of safety, he was...

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