Chapter 689 (Teaser)

Sword Saint was the strongest combat specialized class. History proved it and in fact, the current Kraugel felt it. Sword Saint Kraugel was level 259. It was 100 levels lower than when he was a white swordsman, yet the current Kraugel was several times stronger than when he was a white swordsman.

The amazing thing was that there was still room for Kraugel to grow. Just like Grid and Yura, Kraugel hadn’t completed his class quest. In particular, one of Kraugel’s class quests was to find Muller’s swordsmanship and inherit it. If he acquired Muller’s swordsmanship, Kraugel’s power would grow exponentially stronger.

But Kraugel refused. He was a person who had no contact with Muller, who became a Sword Saint on his own. He didn’t want his reputation to be buried in the shade of the former Sword Saint. He wanted to carve his own path.

“Thus, I looked for you.”


The best spearsman on the continent, Kirinus. He didn’t belong anywhere on the continent, but visited a certain place once every three years. It was Empress Aria’s palace in the Saharan Empire. However, Empress Aria died five years ago. Now Kirinus was looking at a cemetery, not a beautiful palace that resembled Aria.

"I thought I would meet...

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