Chapter 687 (Teaser)


Looking at the previous Noe and Randy, the apple effect seemed to mean that he was ‘locked on’ by Povia. It was the moment when Grid’s plan to defeat Povia with Freely Move was ruined.

“An archer has the ability to target from such a long distance...? Che! It completely destroys the balance! Magic Detection!”


Grid desperately felt the need to find Povia’s position quickly and used Magic Detection (Enhanced) He had used Magic Detection steadily every day and it was now level three. Then Braham’s voice was heard.

-An archer’s sniping point isn’t comparable to an assassin. In particular, a legendary archer...

Grid also knew this because he had watched Jishuka from the side. It was as he expected. Magic Detection failed to find Povia! 

"Ah, your magic is useless whenever I actually need it.”

-It’s because you are incompetent.

Braham was convinced that if Magic Detection had two more levels then Death Knight Povia would be quickly found.

-That is why I always tell you to train your magic. Don’t...

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