Chapter 686 (Teaser)

‘Does this make sense?’

Grid’s chosen strategy for the 64th island was mining!

‘This is a scam!’

First, he felt hope.

The Overgeared Skeletons were armed with the rare rated pickaxes that gave Beginner Mining Technique Lv. 5, the God Hands had the epic rated pickaxes that gave Beginner Mining Technique master level, and Noe and Randy were armed with the unique rated pickaxes that gave Intermediate Mining Technique Lv. 1.

If he concentrated on mining with them, Grid thought he could get all the minerals on the 64th island before his food ran out. In addition, even if he failed to finish on time, he could rechallenge it. He would pack enough food for a few months and finish the mining before he starved.

That’s right. Grid interpreted the 64th island as easily cleared if he had enough food. But reality was unlike Grid’s idea. This was the Behen Archipelago and the islands in the 60s boasted an atrocious difficulty. The minerals on the 64th island... 

They regenerated in real time. As soon as Grid’s group dug out a mineral, new minerals immediately...

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