Chapter 685 (Teaser)

He attacked again and the result was the same.

[Gis is mining. Gis is invincible when mining. You can’t cause any damage.]

"Ah, it’s seriously nasty.”

He wasn’t talking about the 64th island. Grid felt disgusted with the Behen Archipelago itself. Every one of the 66 islands making up the Behen Archipelago required a special strategy, making him very tired and irritated.

"Well, some places were easy...”

The other players who challenged the Behen Archipelago would’ve been appalled if they heard this murmur. From the perspective of ordinary players, almost nothing about the Behen Archipelago was easy. This was the difference between Grid and other players.

Since Grid could create and produce items in real time, he cleared the Behen Archipelago more easily than others. For example, the hell moon stage was easily cleared with his Hooded Zip Up. However, even Grid felt that the average difficulty of the Behen Archipelago was very high. It showed the hell difficulty of the Behen Archipelago.

“What should I do?”

The legendary miner Gis was invincible when mining. Given his slow speed,...

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