Chapter 684 (Teaser)

“The gloves are really great...”

After the battle was over.

Grid recreated the battle before checking the items that Kruger had dropped. If there was a part to praise about himself, there was also a part to criticize. This would be used as a stepping stone to mature one step further. In the process, the most noteworthy part for Grid was his items. He noticed the Holy Light Gloves and Alex's Quick Gloves more than the Enlightenment Lightning Sword and Mjolnir.

'There is the lottery option of the Holy Light Gloves that I’ve always relied on.’

Now he realized that Alex's Quick Gloves were amazing.

The speed of his basic attacks had doubled so his continuous damage rose sharply. The attack power of each basic attack increased and combined with the power of the Enlightenment Blade, his basic attacks had been maximized beyond expectations. The damage was even better than the Holy Light Gloves.

‘It will be more effective as my agility increases.’

Every 1,000 agility increase general attack speed by 0.1. Grid’s current agility was 2,876. He could achieve a base attack speed of 0.8 and if he wore Alex’s Quick Gloves, it would be 0.4. It was possible to do two basic attacks per second...

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