Chapter 683 (Teaser)

[Lightning Sword Born from Enlightenment and Strong Desires]

Rating: Myth

Durability: 1,660/1,660    Attack Power: 3,780

* 20% increase in physical attack power. 

* 20% increase in magic attack power. 

* 30% bonus fire attribute damage. 

* 30% bonus dark attribute damage.

* 15% bonus lightning attribute damage.

* Deals an additional 50% damage to sacred beings.

* There is a certain probability of flames (large) being released when attacking.

* There is a low probability of illusions being released when attacking.

* There is a low probability of summoning a red lightning bolt when attacking.

★ There is a certain probability of a black flames explosion when attacking. 




The Red Lightning Summoning Bead combined with the Enlightenment Blade! The base damage of the weapon was increased by 8%, there was additional lightning damage and an option to summon a red lightning bolt. There was no decrease in health penalty!

In addition, the red lightning bolt boasted superior power to general lightning. The damage was calculated in proportion to the total attack power and the probability of causing electric shock was also...

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