Chapter 682 (Teaser)

"T-This method...!”

Grid intended to respond to item production with item production! Sticks felt admiration at the unexpected idea. It was exciting to see Grid overturn the common sense of a sage every time. But.

‘Going against common sense isn’t always a good thing. This isn’t a smart method!’

Sticks was certain of it.  No matter how he thought about it, the method to win against Kruger was to break the barrier. Kruger’s ability to make items was essentially blocked if the barrier was eliminated. Kruger wouldn’t be able to deal deadly injuries to Grid with his needles alone and it was likely that Grid would catch him as time passed. Yes, all he had to do was break the barrier.

But Grid wasn’t even thinking about this.  It was natural. Grid believed that Kruger was in an area that couldn’t be touched since he realized that Kruger was the recipient of the system. It wasn’t a hasty judgment. The system was absolute. Most players, not just Grid, wouldn’t have through about breaking Kruger’s barrier. The more items Kruger made, the stronger he became. Eventually the player would fail to capture the 63rd islan...

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