Chapter 680 (Teaser)


A bridge connecting the sky and the land. The waterfall in the center of the 62nd cleansed island reached several thousand meters in height. It was difficult to gauge the scale of it and the power of the waterfall was great. Water splashed in every direction like rain seeping into the earth.

Sticks had a weak body and was uncomfortable with the cold water. However, Grid grew into a man who didn’t fear sharp blades. He wasn’t surprised at all by the deafening noise of the waterfall.

"Do you know in advance what the guardian of the next island is?”

There was a saying that knowledge of the enemy made you unbeatable. It would be difficult for Grid to win without relying on his immortality, so he wanted more information. He wanted to know in advance what the boss of the next island was and prepare for it.

Unfortunately, the next island was uncharted territory for Sticks. It was natural. In the first place, he was only able to reach the 60th island thanks to Grid.

"I can’t jump to conclusions... I’m sorry that I can’t help.”

"Don’t bow your head.”

In the old days, Grid would’ve done more than grumble. A man of...

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