Chapter 678 (Teaser)


Grid thought he had stepped on poop. The durability and defense of the Quick Gloves were so below level that it was hard to believe they were legendary items. In addition, there was only one option attached so it seemed like a garbage item.

‘Did Pagma really make this?’

Looking back on it now, the works of Pagma that Grid had witnessed weren’t that great. The items that the current Grid produced now were often better. But. Grid had never questioned Pagma’s ability. Pagma’s words that Grid had seen so far were from before he reached his prime. They were items Pagma made in the process of growing up. Grid believed that the items Pagma made in his prime would be amazing. And Pagma’s time on the Behen Archipelago was during his last years. It was when he was at his peak.

Yet look at Alex's Quick Gloves! It was absolutely unbelievable that Pagma in his prime made it!

‘Did his blacksmithing abilities weaken after making the contract with Baal?’

Misgivings arose. But those misgivings collapsed quickly.

“...Eh? Three...

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