Chapter 677 (Teaser)

"You defeated Alex as I expected. It is truly amazing.”

Sticks said with a shining face. Grid was also the same. The two of them were delighted to overcome one big mountain. In particular, the excitement that Sticks felt was very big. He had been waiting for the savior to come and purify the Behen Archipelago. Sticks had been waiting for decades. For him, Grid was like a light of hope.

On the other hand, Grid’s excited heart was slowly sinking.

"Sticks, I can see why you asserted that I could clear the Behen Archipelago. Demon Slayer Alex couldn’t use any of his original skills.”


Based on what Yura showed during the great demon raid, a Demon Slayer’s skills were quite diverse and the power was tremendous. Due to their special characteristics of suppressing demonkin, it would’ve been possible to restrain Grid in Blackening mode. 

However, the only skills that Alex used today was the magic power explosion and sudden attack. He used the unique transformation properties of the magic engineering bayonet to go against Grid. In retrospect, the...

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