Chapter 676 (Teaser)



A sudden explosion! Alex shook while aiming the sniper gun at Grid.  Grid had a wide smile on his face.

“Heh, how about this?”

This might not be his field of confidence, but Grid took an attitude of trying to learn no matter the circumstances. He even studied the domestic affairs that were handled by Lauel. It was a habit resulting from the serious obsession of not going back to being a loser. Of course, his learning ability was slow due to his innately low intelligence. However, this wasn’t a big problem. No matter how stupid, he would improve a little bit if he kept trying.

A desire to be better than he was! Grid was filled with hot aspirations during his battle with Agnus. Then he developed.



There was no guarantee of victory in a confrontation with the strong. He had to induce constant variables and the skill most suitable to cause a variable during his battle with Agnus was the Alarm spell. Thanks to this, Grid...

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