Chapter 675 (Teaser)

[You have entered the 61st island.]

[The island is already purified.]

Immediately after stepping foot through the gate. Grid warped to the 61st island and faced the expected situation.

‘Indeed, the bosses of the 60th islands don’t regenerate.’

It was easy to infer since Bini said that the 61st island had been cleared. In the first place, this was the end content of the Behen Archipelago. For the development of the story, the bosses of the 60th islands had to be finite. If the bosses infinitely regenerated then the story of the Behen Archipelago wouldn’t come to a conclusion.

‘This means that the person who eats the islands in the 60’s first...’

Preemption was important. From Grid’s viewpoint, he missed out on Lantier.

‘It’s likely that Agnus obtained Lantier’s cloak and dagger...’

It would be lucky if he only obtained items. Considering Agnus’ personality, there was the possibility of him securing Death Knight Lantier.

'No, isn’t that too much of a leap? If he got Death Knight Lantier, wouldn’t he have used in when he fought me in the Belto Kingdom?’

The landscape that unfolded in front of the deep in thought Grid was very...

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