Chapter 674 (Teaser)

Corpse storage: an inventory exclusive to necromancers that could permanently store a total of 5 NPCs or monsters. AS such, necromancers had a habit of storing the body of a named NPC or raid boss monster that they had previously acquired in a quest or event.

They did this in order to gather excellent corpses and to use the best corpse among them as the material of a death knight. In other words, the corpse storage was for concepts such as a death knight ‘candidate’ collection. Agnus had one body in the corpse storage.

[Lantier’s Remains]

Rating: Legendary

The remains of the 15th Lantier, who was revered as a legendary assassin.

"...I’d like to try this guy out, but it’s just too hard to raise the dominance stat.”

Agnus sought out the Behen Archipelago in order to find Pagma’s legacy, which belonged to Baal’s former contractor.

He had fought two days and nights against Lantier on the 61st island. Both his death knights and liches lost experience several times, and he even had to invoke the passives of the liches....

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