Chapter 671 (Teaser)

 "...58 gold each.”

The ‘training scarecrows’ that could be purchased and installed from the ‘Facilities’ menu was quite expensive as it was a military equipment that could be used semi-permanently. But according to the report, 219 scarecrows disappeared without a trace. Why? They were smashed by none other than Grid.

‘Why did he destroy the sinless and expensive scarecrows? ...Wait, didn’t Grid say he would make a sword out of Belial’s Horn?’

Shake shake.

Lauel shook as he started worrying about Grid.

'Surely he didn’t fail to make an item?’

How stressed would Grid have to be to destroy national facilities?

‘He would be upset if the weapon made of Belial’s Horn has an unsatisfying finish.’

It was right after Grid met the powerhouse called Agnus. He would already be on edge so how much pain would Grid have suffered failing to produce a weapon?

‘This... I have to comfort him.’

As a friend and colleague, Lauel was worried about...

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