Chapter 670 (Teaser)

“The Overgeared King!”

The training grounds. Asmophel was training the soldiers when he found Grid and ran over. He was interested in the blade hanging from Grid’s waist.

"Isn’t that a peculiar shaped weapon?”

It was a blade without a handle. He wondered if it could even be called a weapon?

“Is the production process unfinished? Ah!”

Asmophel’s eyes widened in the middle of his question. It was because the blade hanging at Grid’s waist suddenly heated up like lava and threw out flames. It blossomed like a flower and disappeared, looking beautiful and mysterious. Grid smiled warmly.

“Isn’t it cool? Asmophel, this is a blade made of Belial’s Horn, just like your weapon. This is the also the finished product.”

A long explanation wasn’t necessary.


Grid pulled out the Sword Ghost and pressed a button on the Pulling Device.



The blade was drawn by the silver thread towards the Sword Ghost and became attached.

“Huh... That’s why there is a deep groove in the blade.”

"Yes, it can attach...

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