Chapter 669 (Teaser)

‘Enhanced... Just like the byproduct of the divine creatures, the byproduct of a great demon is also a myth rated material.’

It was natural when thinking about the existence of a great demon. It was right that Belial’s Horn would be a material superior to ordinary materials.


Grid’s expectations were amplified. Considering that the weapons made with Belial’s Horn exerted the greatest power, the blade made with the Enhanced Belial’s Horn would far surpass it.

‘There might be 2~4 options attached, possibly more...!'

Duguen! Duguen!

Grid’s heart thumped wildly with joy.

‘Calm down.’

Grid was aware from numerous experiences how important composure was. He was afraid that he would be in a hurry when working and become disappointed. Therefore, Grid took deep breaths and controlled his mind. He try to soothe his excited heart.


Despite feeling expectant of the result produced by the Enhanced Belial’s Horn, his excited mind became calm.


He couldn’t hear the voices of the blacksmiths gathered around him.


He looked back on his techniques. He looked back on his mistakes....

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