Chapter 668 (Teaser)

Over four hours. It was the time Grid spent by the roadside creating a new item. He was only focused on one thing.


A confident look! Grid completed the process of creating an item and asserted.

“It’s the best!”

[Pulling Tool]

* Secondary tool.

A small box with a diameter of five centimeters, created by the blacksmith Grid who is eager to learn the divine techniques.

When the button on top of the box is clicked, the internal fan will rotate counterclockwise and release the silver thread. When the button on the button is clocked, the internal fan rotates clockwise and pulls the silver thread. It takes 0.3 seconds every time.

The end of the silver thread can be attached to a ‘blade’ item.

Conditions of Use: Depends on where the box is installed.

* The box can be installed anywhere.

Fan Operation (Button Click) Resource Consumption: 630 mana.


0.3 seconds!

The time it took to detach and attach a blade was dramatically reduced!

"I will experiment right now!”

The giddy Grid headed towards the smithy.


Ttang! Ttang!

"Stupid bastard! There’s no rhythm in your hammering!...

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