Chapter 667 (Teaser)

“It’s virtually impossible to create an item with all-encompassing effects...”

The myth rated Red Phoenix Bow and Raphael's Spear only had one attribute. The materials used to make an item were limited, so it was theoretically impossible to create all-rounder items. But the weapon Grid wanted didn’t necessarily have to be ‘all-rounder.’

‘How... Ah!’

The Item Transformation skill passed through Grid’s head, followed by Item Combination and Sword Ghost.

‘Is it possible to make an item that can transform or combine without using the skills?’

Like a detachable Sword Ghost!

'I have caught a strand!’

The excited Grid noted some of the options and information of Sword Ghost.

[+7 Sword Ghost]

Rating: Legendary



* Can be separated into small and large pieces.

* When separated, the attack power of the small and large piece are applied separately.



There are two knobs, one in the middle of the blade and one in the bottom, made of drake fangs. Turning the knob in the middle will separate the pieces. In addition, you can deal serious damage to the enemy’s...

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