Chapter 666 (Teaser)


Born in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany, he was constantly harassed by his classmates during his school years. The intensity of the harassment was so high that there were countless horrible stories. Surprisingly, this intense bullying continued even into adulthood.

“Why was he the subject of harassment?”

Lauel asked after reading the papers and the detective lit up a cigarette and replied.

“It was due to his tone of speech.”

“Huh? That was the reason?”

Lauel responded like it was absurd. The smoking detective shrugged with a bitter expression.

"It originally doesn’t take a lot to annoy people. It’s fun to see a soft target be in pain, and then it will become a normal part of life... Well, there’s no need to lengthen this story. The thing that should be noted is that Agnus’ lover, who was his sole resting place, met a terrible end.”


The contents were terribly cruel. The people who harassed Agnus for many years. No, the trash raped Agnus’ lover as a...

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