Chapter 665 (Teaser)

-I will leave your share, so please don’t interfere.

It was the whisper that Grid had sent to Euphemina immediately after Agnus summoned Lich Mumud. Grid didn’t want Euphemina to interfere in his confrontation with Agnus. It was because he wanted to win against Agnus, who was praised as the best, and be reborn as a true master. Euphemina was convinced. She didn’t mind Grid’s useless pride and respected it.

Thus, she remained silent. She felt sorry for Regas, but she reserved her power and waited for the time when she could leave the battle with White. Grid would call her after showing a satisfactory performance against Agnus. However, this plan was ruined.

“Fated to Perish.”

Piaro appeared in response to Grid’s summons. He broke White with Pounding Mortar and then used the worst technique. The target was Agnus!



The death of the summoner meant the defeat of the familiar. Once Agnus started turning to grey due to the hand plow hitting his forehead, Grid and Euphemina felt d...

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