Chapter 664 (Teaser)

Satisfy boasted graphics more colorful than any game or movie. The effects that occurred every time skills or magic was used were beautiful and glamorous. The players who used brilliant skills and magic became the objects of envy.


The left side was blazing red flames and the right side was dark wings. The viewers and everyone on the battlefield looked at the white-haired Grid with wings  The sight of a player with opposing wings captured everyone’s admiration.


Agnus still maintained his concentration during a time when everyone else were fascinated. He quickly grasped the situation and took measures to cope with it.

"Flying magic that contains a bombardment it?”

Agnus though that Grid would fly.  It wasn’t a hasty conclusion. It was a rational conclusion since wings were a tool for flying in the sky.



Agnus used a skill attached to the Rune of Death and dozens of magic shields were created above him. It was the strongest anti-air defense magic. Agnus was prepared for Grid to attack from...

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