Chapter 662 (Teaser)


It wasn’t a scream. They were shouts of joy from women watching the confrontation between Grid and Agnus. It was due to the bewitching appearance of the white-haired Grid. As if his whole skeleton had changed, Grid had thinner lines and became beautiful. The sleek appearance and eye-catching appearance of the young Barahm invoked the protective instincts of women.


Name: Braham Eshwald (Grid)

Class: Great Magician

Title: Possessor of Great Knowledge

* The best intellectual of this time. The truth hasn’t been learnt yet, so he is still obstinate. This pursuit of knowledge is very strong, sometimes acting as a poison.

* Intelligence will rise by 35%.

* There is a low probability of running wild.

Title: One who Became a Legend


Level: 400 (Correction)

Health: 100,000/100,000 (Correction)

Mana: 200,000/200,000 (Correction)

Strength: 158   Stamina: 1,400

Agility: 601    Intelligence: 7,000+2,100

* In this human flesh, Braham Eshwald’s full strength can’t be drawn out. Most of his stats are seale...

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