Chapter 661 (Teaser)

"Why doesn’t he use his knight summoning skill?”

The Overgeared members watching the TV all over the world were irritated. They wanted Grid to summon his knights right away to show the true majesty of the Overgeared King. Yes, Grid was a king. There was no need for him to fight one on one. Even if he didn’t move himself, his soldiers and knights would defeat his enemies.

But Grid didn’t take advantage of his king’s status.

“Just summoning Piaro is sufficient...”

"If Grid is defeated, the dignity of the Overgeared King...”

The Overgeared members were irritated and nervous. Many of those keeping an eye on the TV belonged to the Overgeared Two Guild. That’s right. Those who joined Overgeared after Grid became a duke weren’t familiar with Grid’s depths.

Duke Grid and King Grid were great men who worried and acted for the comfort of his forces, but his personality...

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