Chapter 660 (Teaser)

"Bentao’s Mockery.”


Grid suffered through something incredible once Agnus used a mysterious skill.


He saw the illusion of a fat clown.

[You have heard Bentao’s bad laughter. You can’t stay calm after listening to it.]

[You have lost your composure. The deployment of all active skills will be cancelled.]

[You have heard the enticement of the half god, Insane Clown King Bentao. Resistance has failed.]

[It will take over one minute to overcome the ‘frenzy’ state.]

[During the frenzy, your base damage will increase slightly, but your defense will decrease slightly. In addition, the casting speed and resource consumption of all skills are greatly increased .]

[Bentao has stretched out his hand while you are losing your cool. Your health has changed with the owner of Bentao.]

[49,300 health has become 819!]


Their health gauges were changed? It was a type of skill that was difficult for Grid to understand.  Grid was forced to feel confused. Above all, the hardest part about Bentao’s Mockery was that it ‘changed’...

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